Project Description

Happening | Tug of War/Dragkamp Kiruna

On the 8th of September 2011 at 17:00 hrs, 250 inhabitants of Kiruna have created a red rope on the 3 km first estimated ‘crack line’ that will be caused by the Iron mine in the city in 2013.
This rope was made out of personal red pieces of clothing that everyone brought with him/her. As the rope was formed, the 3km area covered by walking with the rope, and small memories of the place to miss in the future were shared, and a picture of everyone’s feet has been made, the people divided in teams and played the game ‘rope pulling’/ ‘Tug of War’.

This crack line will separate one of the oldest parts of the city, including the Hjlmargarden, the LKAB hotel, the railway station and many residential buildings, from the rest of Kiruna.

This Happening/ project is part of Kirunatopia Project, and it was motivated by the numbness and fear that people had towards the situation.
I wanted the people to form a collective body and stand at a symbolic spot, and to engage in the ‘rope pulling’ game as an invitation to reclaim their role in the political economical push pull game that will decide the future of their town.
I wondered how would it be to physically confront the crack? and if the crack would be the cause of a crack in the memory and history of the town?

Project Details

  • Happening in public space
  • Kiruna, Sweden
  • Video & photo documentation
  • No sound, 6 min
  • Shown in Bildmuseet, Umea, Sweden
  • In Kunsthaus, Dresden, Germany