Teaching | Mar 2017

I am invited by the Bildung Academy, Amsterdam, to teach and design part of the module on Identity & Rebellion, exploring relations between the self and others, and imagining and performing acts of rebellion.

Art Residency | Oct’2015-Jan’2016 then Apr’2017-Sep’2017
I will soon start my second phase of residency at the ‘Research Center for Material Culture’, hosted by the Museum of the Tropics, and the museum of The people, and Africa Museum, in The Netherlands.
It is a European project where 10 museums in Europe are participating. I am asked to explore new narratives between the collections, the staff and the public, in the frame of the discussions about citizenship and belonging in contemporary Europe.

Grants | 2017
VUmc (Medical University, Amsterdam) got the budget they applied for from the Mondriaan Fonds, with which they can continue working with me on “Cultural Sensitivity and Empathy” in Medical Education.
Mondriaan Fonds honours the ‘representative’ way VUmc addresses the decline in empathy and the lack of cultural sensitivity among the staff and the students. They honour the special way and sensitivity I work with on these subjects, as an artist, in collaboration with Art Partner, in the context of the university.
We have been working since 2012 on this project, and now I can use this budget to work on a film I’ve been hoping to make for a while. I am grateful for this beautiful moment of recognition.

Award Nomination | 2017

I am very happy, grateful and honored to be among the artists nominated for the Herman Divendal Award 2017, for my artistic practice focusing on empathy and creating ‘bridges’ between different cultures and groups of people and individuals. The winner will be announced in February.

Programming | 2016-2017

I am part of the programming committee of the “Dancing on the Edge festival”, which will take place in 4 cities in The Netherlands between 7-18 Nov 2017. Dancing on the Edge presents and promotes Middle Eastern/North African (performing) arts, and provides a platform for talented artists from this region, who produce original, relevant, vital and creative work.

Writing a Book | 2016-2017
I am at the moment working on my first book. It is a literary non-fiction based on my project ‘Where we are not’. It will be published in 2018, first in Dutch by the publishing house Ambo Anthos, then in English and Arabic.

‘Where we are not’ is not about anywhere, but about those places we carry with us in our bodies. The places that are part of us, and as well, that have made us who we are.
In 2006, As a student from Lebanon, I was denied her residence permit in The Netherlands for strictly bureaucratic reasons. Since she appealed against this decision, she was not able to leave The Netherlands and re-enter the country. Not being able to travel home herself, she cast a replacement and sent Aitana, a Spanish choreographer, to Lebanon for 10 days as her stand-in, messenger and recording device. Aitana visited different people –Lina’s family and friends, and traced the places of Lina’s memory and what constitutes the idea of ‘home’ to her. Aitana performed lots of ‘tasks’ that Lina gave her in a hand written notebook and she wrote impressions and experiences in a notebook. Both notebooks play a major role in the performance.